Heritage Association

Whether you are a present or former resident of Ivyland, or just an occasional visitor, regardless of the reasons that have brought you here, you can’t help but be aware of the precious uniqueness of this community. It is more than a collection of old houses – we are a community that enjoys a variety of cherished traditions, some are old, some have been recently introduced, but they are all an integral part of life in Ivyland.

A group of borough residents, who recognize and appreciate this rich heritage, has been formed to help preserve and enhance all of these aspects of life in our unique town. We want to give something back to the community that has given all of us so much. Sign up now, and let’s get to work!

The Ivyland Heritage Association invites everyone who loves this old town and who cares about its future to join us. This is our only requirement for membership. We have no political agenda. No matter where you live and work, if you care about Ivyland, you are welcome. In fact, even if you choose not to become a member, your involvement in our meetings and activities will be welcomed. In a community as small as ours, everyone counts.
Sign up now, to join the Heritage Association, and let’s get to work!

Your friends and neighbors,

The Members of the Ivyland Heritage Association
199 Pennsylvania Ave., Ivyland, PA 18974


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Fill out our application and return to
The Ivyland Heritage Association at
199 Pennsylvania Ave.

For More Information, call:

Ed Oldroyd: 54 Gough Ave., 674-3293
Janet Pacchioli: 106 Wilson Ave.,
Tony Judice: 85 Lincoln Ave., 675-6658